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NPR is reporting that Justice Souter is retiring. 

UPDATE: MSNBC is reporting it also. 


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The Ole’ Switcharoo

In case you are the only person left on the planet who hasn’t heard yet, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, is switching parties and becoming a Democrat.

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I can see the distant shores of freedom approaching with each passing hour.  Friday at 5pm cannot come soon enough.

I plan on spending the first beautiful day post-finals sleeping on the grass in a park, somewhere.  This summer, I’ll be spending some time back in my fair land of Brooklyn, working in DC, and taking a trip to Greece (hopefully).

What’s the first thing you are going to do post-finals?  What are you big summer plans?

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You got the email.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Here’s the text of the letter: (more…)

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What happens when…

the law dramatically changes a day or a week before your final?

That’s what happened to many Crim Pro students this past Tuesday.  In Gant v. Arizona, the Court modified NY v. Belton and held that “Belton does not authorize a vehicle search incident to a recent occupant’s arrest after the arrestee has been secured and cannot access the interior of the vehicle.”  After Belton police academies began teaching that officers may search the passenger compartment of a car  once any occupant has been arrested.  To me, the Gant rule makes more sense.  What is the justification for allowing officers to search a car without a warrant when their safety is not at risk and the destruction of evidence is not possible?  Generally, these suspects are handcuffed and far from their car when these searches take place. (more…)

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Adam’s post has generated a slew of comments suggesting that the administration needs to figure out a way to respond to our drop in the rankings.  Rather than graft that conversation onto the existing thread, I thought we could move the discussion over to a fresh post.

I don’t think the administration should do a thing.  GW is GW.  I’m of the mindset that if you are confident in your own ability, then there is no reason to flaunt and tell others about what you are capable of doing.  Or for that matter, try to explain away some weakness.  The same should go for GW.  The strongest message that we an send is to ignore the rankings and keep on doing what we have been doing all along: show confidence in the legal education we provide and receive here.  That would speak volumes about what we think about the rankings and what we know the value of our education to be.

Every year around the time the rankings are released, many law school deans publish a joint letter saying they don’t care about the rankings.  This year should be no different.  Dean Lawrence should not dignify the rankings with any response. Without the pressure of catering to a ranking system that everyone agrees is flawed, this can be GW’s time to shine.

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GW to 28?

Thoughts on whether the “leaked” rankings are legit? How do you feel about GW at 28?




UPDATE: Color copies here (HT 2L). The color copies look legit to me.

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