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The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog had a piece on how grading is changing at top 10 law schools:

“Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School, for example, are switching from the traditional grade and letter policies to pass/fail systems. At the same time, New York University School of Law now allows professors to give more A’s.”

I knew about Stanford’s change from our former fearless blog leader, but didn’t realize that this was a growing trend among other top 10 law schools.  Yale has been pass/fail for years.  These pass fail systems generally operate with honors/pass/low pass/fail distinctions on transcripts. (more…)


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For everyone who is apprehensive about taking a job in the lower salary brackets for attorneys, here is a link to some information about the College Cost Reduction and Access Act. click here

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3L job prospects

Over at the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan has been running a series where readers write in about how the economic downturn has affected them.  The stories are good in that they give you a sense of individual’s experiences across the country, but also sad.  The series hasn’t been going on that long, and today’s is from a law student in Boston.   Read the post if you’re interested. Basically this student has tried almost everything to get a job and is feeling pretty hopeless.  I’m wondering if this is just one individual’s story or if this is the experience our 3Ls are having as well.  Any 3Ls out there who want to share their job hunting experience–good or bad?  Granted, the Boston law student has to deal with Massachussetts’ contracting budget, while law students in D.C. have the ever expanding federal government to try their hand at.  But I’m sure our 3Ls are having a tough time and I hope some are willing to share their stories.

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New Feature

You may have already noticed, but we’ve changed our comment settings so that you can now reply directly to another person’s comment.  So, if you want to respond to a comment I made five comments ago, you can reply directly to me and your comment will be posted directly under mine.

Just one more way that we here at Sua Sponte want to make your blogging experience as enjoyable as possible. 🙂

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Dear Friends,

As you probably have heard by now, John Sorrenti is the new SBA President. I congratulate him for his victory and am throwing my full support behind his administration. John was a worthy candidate and I cannot imagine losing to a more dignified opponent. John has the experience and drive to get many things accomplished for this school.

Many of you have submitted issues that need to be addressed. I promise you that I will forward all your concerns to John and volunteer myself to help answer the items you deem important.

Tonight, it was stated that we “can all go back to ignoring” the SBA. This is not the case. This is not the time to turn a blind eye to the issues facing GW Law and the student body. Now is the time to vocalize the good and the bad. Now is the time to support and help the SBA. Now, more than ever, we need to volunteer and contribute to our GW experience. I am calling on everyone that supported me, that supported David Mitchell, and the supporters of John Sorrenti to get involved, host a student during preview day, pump a keg on thirsty Thursday, and apply for a position with the SBA. Now is the time to make this school what we want it to be.


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Is Invisible the New Busy?*

I’m guilty of this all the time.  I know I am.  But my guess is that you are too.  Oh, come now, you know what I’m talking about.  Of course you do.  We all do it.  How can we not?  Why would we not?

I’m talking about gchatting when your friend’s status icon is busy.  Why do we bother distinguishing between ‘busy’ and ‘available’ if we are going to disregard the meaning of those words and chat anyway?  Is invisible really the only way to tell someone that you are busy?  What if your friends know you are invisible and send you a chat through an email?

Is there any hope for a chatless gchat world?


* Special thanks to Mr. Lam for providing the title of this post.

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Senate Meeting

We will be holding a Senate meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday February 25) at 8:10 p.m. in L201.

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