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Bye Bye Blago

In a unanimous decision the Illinois State Senate voted today to oust Rod Blagojevich from the office of Governor.  Thoughts?


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Open Thread on LRW

My earlier post on 1L Grades turned Sua Sponte (approrpiately enough) into a thread on the LRW Program.  So here is an open thread on the LRW program.  I will allow anonymous comments, but they must be civil and relevant.

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Waiting for Grades

Perhaps I should not be obsessively checking for that last grade on my gweb page.  Perhaps when it finally appears, I will wish that I could go back to those blissful moments where I had hopes of pulling out something amazing.  Perhaps I’ll spend several unhappy minutes cursing my professor and law school and the warped decision-making that brought me to this place.  Perhaps I’ll jump up and down with glee (which I highly, highly doubt). 

But either way, I’ll know.  I’m just tired of wondering, and maybe I’m not fully recognizing the difficulty of grading exams.  But it seems like if all my other professors could get it done, why can’t this one?  It’s been almost 2 months.  And there weren’t that many people in the class.  I think I don’t actually care that much.  It’s almost like not knowing makes me care more.

So, are other folks having this problem? 

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Howdy, 1L classmates. Welcome back to law school with your first set of grades. Like our heights and weights, our grades are normally distributed. They show who among us is impossibly large, unfortunately small, or, most likely, indistinguishable from the rest.

The purpose of this post is to ask if the average, indistinguishable GPA predicts future earning power. Grades are normally distributed, but entry-level salaries are bimodally distributed. Plainly put: in 2006, law school graduates were most likely either “haves” or “have nots,” making $140,000 or $40,000 respectively. Is the average GW Law 1L more likely to be a “have” or “have not”?

In addition, the “haves” weren’t always around. As recently as 1996, the most likely salary for any lawyer was $40,000. Given the string of recent Vault 100 law firm bankruptcies, should we expect the $140,000 salary point to collapse, throwing new lawyers back to the (inflation adjusted 2011 equivalent of) $40,000 mode?

Dear readers, what are your thoughts about the correlation between average 1L grades and future earning power?

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Recently, I have read and heard the comments of many a Republican detractor concerning the pending Obama stimulus package. Most critics claim that the stimulus package includes too much “pork barrel spending” that is not properly included in a “stimulus bill.” However, many of the arguments that Congressional Republicans assert in support of this claim are either obfuscate the current economic crisis or are disingenuous. In this post I will rebut two of the most erroneous arguments circulating around Capital Hill.


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You can find it here.   (Just click on the red flash player icon to get started.)

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I’ve written up some thoughts on the topic and posted them here.

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