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The Post-Finals Unwinding

Congratulations everyone on making it through the semester! Ready? 1…2…3… Hip Hip Hooray!

I love the day after exams finish – there is no pressure to do anything which makes anything you do feel like an accomplishment.

For example, I had never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies. So starting last night, and going all through the morning, I sat down and watched all three movies.

Let’s hear it – what did you do to unwind the day after your exams finished?


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Wash Your Hands!

Norovirus is going around. (My husband just had it, so I can confirm the epic awfulness.) Avoid crowds. Study at home! (And those of you done with finals: Get out while you still can!!!) http://www.welovedc.com/2008/12/10/health-alert/

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Free Pizza Alert!

There is free pizza in the leather lounge sponsored by a DC Firm (as a non pizza eater I have not been down there to see which firm, but wanted to share the news asap). Get it before the 1Ls come out of their final at 5pm 🙂

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I don’t know if someone is planning on doing the news this morning, but I couldn’t resist putting up a little piece on some news this morning (you can also read about it here and see the indictment, all 76 pages of it here).  Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was indicted this morning on federal corruption charges.  Here’s the juicy part: on of the charges involve Blagojevich seeking money or favors in exchange for appointing a replacement to Obama’s Senate seat.  One candidate apparently offered $500,000 to Blagojevich in exchange for being names to Obama’s seat.  Others offered lucrative board positions for Blagojevich’s wife.  Blagojevich is also accused of refusing to help the Tribune company (which filed for bankrupcy yesterday) unless they agreed to fire editorial staff who had been critical of him.

Perhaps I’m naive, but this behavior (if it’s true) is just outrageous.  I think we as a society have accepted that money plays a big part in politics and have laid out some ground rules so those with a lot of money and the desire to use it to obtain political favors can’t do that at will.  Likewise the rules prevent those with political power from selling that power for personal gain.  We know it still happens on some levels, but if the FBI and US Attorneys really have on tape what they allege to have on tape, Blagojevich has totally thrown out all of those rules and blatantly  sold political office for hard cash.

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An article in the NY Times today discusses the difficulties recyclers are having as a result of the economic slowdown. Say what? When I saw the headline to this story I simply couldn’t believe that people throw out less recycling because of the economy. However, this article discusses the other side of the recycling business, what recyclers do after they are paid to collect your recyclables. Since recycling programs became popular most recycling collectors make money both collecting your recycling (you have to pay a fee for this in most places) and then selling it to recycling processors, like paper mills or bottle factories. It has been a lucrative business until now. The price of these recycled materials has plummeted in the past year. The most extreme example is tin. Tin sold for $327 a ton a year ago. Now it sells for $5 a ton. (more…)

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Monday Reading

Obama 1:  Conspiracy Theorists 0.   SCOTUS denies cert in Obama citizenship case.

Indicted Blackwater guards surrender in Utah in an effort to have their trial in Salt Lake City.

A lawyer for the guards says having the trial in Utah is practical because one of the guards is from a Salt Lake City suburb, and “because it has an international airport with easy access to the downtown federal court building.” (Aren’t there countless cities that qualify with those criteria?).  Somehow I think Utah’s gun-loving, pro-Iraq-war culture has something to do with it also.

NYT having a rough time with the credit crisis.

Almost have a bailout for the Big Three.

ALMOST THERE, GW LAW STUDENTS!  Good luck this week with those exams.

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Last night was the EJF Mustashio Bashio, where we all gathered in anticipation to find out who had the most valuable “justache” and vote for who had the best looking “justache.” Competition was fierce throughout the monthlong event, but in the end, only one could take home the prize. Congratulations to EJF and all the competitors for raising over $3300 during this first ever fundraising event!

Here are the results for the money raised category:

1st -Sua Sponte’s very own Katie Taylor – over $600!

2nd – Dan Martin – over $600!

3rd – yours truly, Hamilton Fish – over $500!

The best looking justache award went to Jeremy Abbot.

On a personal note, there are two things I want to say about this event.  First, this competition was by far one of the funnest things I participated in in a long time.  I felt as if wearing the justache gave me an extra bounce to my step each and every day, and for that, I have to thank EJF.  Second, throughout the course of the competition, I talked a lot of smack to Katie, trying to intimidate her and get her to stumble in the fundraising race. The truth is, I couldn’t be happier that my co-blogger took home the top prize – she more than any of the rest of us deserved to win.

I’ll post pictures of the final justaches later in the day, as well as pictures from the Bashio last night.

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